Purebred kitten and his documents

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Purebred kitten and his documents  15.12.2018 16:56

Purebred kitten and his documents

If you decide to purchase a pedigree kitten, then it is important for you to remember that a pedigree animal must necessarily have a document confirming its pedigree origin. Therefore, the documents on the kitten are an important point that you need to pay attention to when buying a pedigree baby.

Even if you plan to buy a pedigree kitten "for home and soul, and not for breeding," the kitten must still be sold with a document confirming its belonging to one or another breed of cats.

All documents for a kitten are issued only through the felinological organization.

Kittens get their first document in the felinology club while kittens are activated. Kittens are activated by the breeding commission of the felinological club not earlier than 45 days from the birth of kittens and are documented in the litter inspection report. To put it simply, kitten activation is an assessment of the degree of a kitten’s breed quality according to the parameters of its breed standard.

The breeding committee of the club examines the litter and gives a metric for each kitten, which indicates the date of birth, breed, color and detailed information about the kitten's parents.

If defects are found in a kitten, they are also indicated in the metric along with a small characteristic on it. Each metric has its own registration number and whether the given kitten will be breeding or not.

Further, based on the metrics in the felinology club, you can order and receive a pedigree for a kitten.

Often, when transferring a kitten to a new owner, breeders are limited to providing only a generic metric. In this case, the new owner of the kitten, at will, must take care of obtaining the pedigree of his pet. If a kitten is bought for breeding, then the pedigree will need to be ordered at the club.

The pedigree entry in the breeding book of the club will have the same registration number as the kitten's metrics.

In the pedigree, besides the basic data (registration number, name, gender, breed, color, date of birth) about the kitten, as a rule, four tribes of ancestors of the baby fit, with an indication of their titles, names, breeds, colors. Also in the pedigree necessarily indicate information about the breeder - his name and surname.

The pedigree is certified by the signature of the club chairman and the seal of the club in which the kitten is registered.

If a kitten is sold for castration without the right to participate in breeding, then the pedigree / metric is issued with the note "not for breeding" (not for breeding) and is most likely to be with the registration number obscured.

If the kitten is purchased not for breeding, and in the future you do not plan to take part in exhibitions, then the pedigree of the kitten may not be made out.

The next document, which appears in the process of acquiring an animal, is the contract of sale. And it is better if this document is drawn up and signed. After all, before buying any valuable thing you carefully check and draw up documents for its purchase? Similarly, in the case of the acquisition of a purebred animal - it is better to do everything from beginning to end correctly.

A kitten sale and purchase agreement is a kind of guarantee obligation, which specifies the breed, gender, color, age, information about the parents of the kitten, its value, terms of the transaction and liability. For you, this document will confirm the ownership of the animals. The contract is executed in 2 copies and signed by both parties. The contract also includes personal data and contact information of both parties.

Moving on, your potential kitten must necessarily have a veterinary passport. Why? Yes, because a purebred animal is transferred to a new owner at the age of 12 weeks, fully vaccinated against major feline diseases and rabies. As a rule, the first vaccine, just during which the veterinary passport is established, is done at a veterinary clinic at the age of 8 weeks, followed by revaccination at 12 weeks.

In the veterinary passport, in addition to the basic information about the kitten (name, breed, color, gender, date of birth) must be marked on vaccinations (date of vaccination and vaccine) and de-worming.

Without a veterinary passport with all the vaccinations required by age, visiting exhibitions and trips, wherever, will be impossible.

Also, most likely, together with the main documents on the kitten you will be given a brief instruction on the care and maintenance of the baby.

Useful information
About Devon-Rex

In 1960, in Buckfast (Devonshire, United Kingdom), an unusual cat with wavy hair, accompanied by a stray tortoiseshell cat, was spotted near abandoned tin mines. Where is the cat gone - the story is silent, but Miss Beryl Cox sheltered the cat, and she gave her kittens, one of which was with wavy hair. This kitten Miss Cox called Kirle and left her. Kirley was distinguished by low, unusually large ears, a broad, flat head with prominent cheekbones, surprised eyes, and a small body.

Recommendations to new owners about care of a kitten

1.Before picking up a kitten from the nursery, be sure to purchase:

- bowls for food and water (preferably heavy ceramic);

- toilet (closed type) and shovel;

- toilet filler;

- dry food of the superpremium class (Farmina);

- kogtetochka, complex kogtetochku;

- toys, balls, etc.

- scissors for clipping claws.

Kitten purchase procedure

If you decide to purchase a pedigree kitten, then it is important for you to remember that a pedigree animal must necessarily have a document confirming its pedigree origin. Therefore, the documents on the kitten are an important point that you need to pay attention to when buying a pedigree baby.


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