Famale cats

Ch. Golden Elf Jaqulin of Curlie’s Cradle

IMG_5170miniSex: famale

Date of birth: 29.07.16

Color: DRX n 32 03

Groop of blood: А

Mother: Likoma’s Ilse of Golden Elf

Father: Ch. Neosfera Rex William





Curlie's Cradle Avrora


IMG_4984miniSex: famale

Date of birth: 21.11.17

Color: DRX b 33 03

Groop of blood: А

Mother: Golden Elf Jaqulin

Father: Big Eared Miracle Enrico Marinelli 


                          IMG_4985mini IMG_4978mini



Elfe Feerique Fiona

JAMI2645mini Sex: famale

Date of birth: 02.03.2018

Color: DRX w 62

Groop of blood: А

Mother: Elfe Feerique Roberna

Father: Elfe Feerique Steven


  JAMI2652mini JAMI2639mini JAMI2640mini





Elfe Feerique Flora

JAMI2558mini Sex: famale

Date of birth:  02.03.2018

Color: DRX a 03 24

Groop of blood: А

Mother: Elfe Feerique Roberna

Father: Elfe Feerique Steven


                JAMI2570mini JAMI2561mini JAMI2564mini





Elfe Feerique Gertrude

JAMI2605mini Sex: female

Date of birth: 30.05.2018

Color: DRX f 09 24

Groop of blood: А

Mother: Elfe Feerique Klotylda

Father: Elfe Feerique Vincent


                            JAMI2597mini   JAMI2586mini  JAMI2623mini




Useful information
About Devon-Rex

In 1960, in Buckfast (Devonshire, United Kingdom), an unusual cat with wavy hair, accompanied by a stray tortoiseshell cat, was spotted near abandoned tin mines. Where is the cat gone - the story is silent, but Miss Beryl Cox sheltered the cat, and she gave her kittens, one of which was with wavy hair. This kitten Miss Cox called Kirle and left her. Kirley was distinguished by low, unusually large ears, a broad, flat head with prominent cheekbones, surprised eyes, and a small body.

Recommendations to new owners about care of a kitten

1.Before picking up a kitten from the nursery, be sure to purchase:

- bowls for food and water (preferably heavy ceramic);

- toilet (closed type) and shovel;

- toilet filler;

- dry food of the superpremium class (Farmina);

- kogtetochka, complex kogtetochku;

- toys, balls, etc.

- scissors for clipping claws.

Kitten purchase procedure

If you decide to purchase a pedigree kitten, then it is important for you to remember that a pedigree animal must necessarily have a document confirming its pedigree origin. Therefore, the documents on the kitten are an important point that you need to pay attention to when buying a pedigree baby.


It is interesting



Our guarantees

The cattery is registered in the FIFE and WCF systems


Each kitten has a veterinary passport, metric or pedigree


Kittens are accustomed to the tray and scratching post and grown in an atmosphere of love and care


Four of our stars showed themselves very well at an exhibition FIFE in Moscow!




Elfe Feerique Flora got EX1, NOM BIS! Our results both days!



Elfe Feerique Flora wonderfully performed at FIFe WORLD SHOW 2018 Tampere / Finlandсупер2

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