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My name is Ruslana Cherkes and I welcome you on the web-page of our cattery «CURLIE’S CRADLE*RU».

The name Curlie’s Cradle was not taken by coincidence. Our cattery breeds DEVON-REX cats, whose very soft wavy coat visually and sensually reminds us of a wool of a new-born lamb. It was namely Curlie, a kitten born on the 15th of July 1960 in the British county of Devonshire, that became the progenitor of the whole breed Devon Rex.

From the moment our kittens are born, we surround them with out utmost care and attention, because the ultimate  goal of our cattery is to deliver beautiful, gregarious and healthy animals with distinguished pedigree traits, capable of becoming not only friends of the family but also take part in exhibitions, as well as themselves become progenitors of household Devon-Rex lineages of these amazing cats. Considering all that, we carefully choose the breeding cats with prepotent characteristics.

There are lots of reasons to get yourself a Devon-Rex cat. They possess a distinctive appearance, unlike any other cat: a heart-shaped snout, big pixie-like ears, low profile, sturdy legs and a wavy coat. Devon-Rex cats have highly developed fine motor skills which resemble that of a human. Watch them play with their pads is like watching an infant play with its fingers.

Despite all that, as any cat, truly, Devon-Rexes are proud animals with great self-esteem. They have most amicable and gregarious temper, are always ready to keep you company and stay in the centre of all household activities. Even when they grow up, they still retain their playfulness. Devon-Rexes could virtually be called companions, because they become extremely attached to their master and try to constantly remain by their side.

The soul-searching look they give you, reveals that apart from astounding affection and tenderness, these amazing pixie-like creatures are very smart and capable of understanding you almost without words. No wonder felinologists speak about “intelligence” of these cats that allows you to teach them basic commands, as well as respond to its name.

But, of course, if we enumerate the reasons why you should get yourself a Devon-Rex cat, we must also mention, that these cats can have wonderful therapeutic (remedial) effect on humans. Scientists have conducted experiments which have conclusively proved, that animals are capable of relieving depression and colds. Everyone knows, that a cat lying comfortably on its master, helps lower its blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, but hardly anyone knows, that it happens because the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, goes down. And cortisol level  is one of the most important symptoms, having great influence over our nerve and blood systems. Just recently, it was experimentally proven, that disease which are not hazardous for humans but are usually carried by animals, including cats, actually help train human immune system, especially that of pre-school and primary school children. Apart from that, Devon-Rex cats do not have the undercoat which makes people “allergic to cats” — allowing them to become delight friends of cat-lovers who could not bring any in their home because they were afraid of endless sneezing and nasal stuffiness.

We want all of our future customers to remember us with gratitude and, for that reason, we dedicate a lot of our time and attention to nurturing our kittens. They are never kept in cages, free to run around the house and remain in constant interaction with us. All kittens of our nursery are not sold until the are at least three months old, potty-trained and scratcher-trained,  educated and adapted to the world around them. All cats of our nursery also undergo timely wellness checks and get vaccinated in accordance with their age.

Despite the fact, that our cattery is located in Moscow, we will be most happy to cooperate with cat-lovers from other cities and countries and will be always ready to deliver your future family pet to any part of the globe!

Care and feeding tips, as well as photos of our pets, you can find and look through on the correspondent pages of our web-site.

If you were unable to find the necessary information on these pages, we will be happy to answer any of your questions on the phone:

Kind regards,

Cattery’s owner

Ruslana Cherkes.

Useful information
About Devon-Rex

In 1960, in Buckfast (Devonshire, United Kingdom), an unusual cat with wavy hair, accompanied by a stray tortoiseshell cat, was spotted near abandoned tin mines. Where is the cat gone - the story is silent, but Miss Beryl Cox sheltered the cat, and she gave her kittens, one of which was with wavy hair. This kitten Miss Cox called Kirle and left her. Kirley was distinguished by low, unusually large ears, a broad, flat head with prominent cheekbones, surprised eyes, and a small body.

Recommendations to new owners about care of a kitten

1.Before picking up a kitten from the nursery, be sure to purchase:

- bowls for food and water (preferably heavy ceramic);

- toilet (closed type) and shovel;

- toilet filler;

- dry food of the superpremium class (Farmina);

- kogtetochka, complex kogtetochku;

- toys, balls, etc.

- scissors for clipping claws.

Kitten purchase procedure

If you decide to purchase a pedigree kitten, then it is important for you to remember that a pedigree animal must necessarily have a document confirming its pedigree origin. Therefore, the documents on the kitten are an important point that you need to pay attention to when buying a pedigree baby.


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Our guarantees

The cattery is registered in the FIFE and WCF systems


Each kitten has a veterinary passport, metric or pedigree


Kittens are accustomed to the tray and scratching post and grown in an atmosphere of love and care


Four of our stars showed themselves very well at an exhibition FIFE in Moscow!




Elfe Feerique Flora got EX1, NOM BIS! Our results both days!



Elfe Feerique Flora wonderfully performed at FIFe WORLD SHOW 2018 Tampere / Finlandсупер2

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